Buckout Road

Based on a Rumor


A college class project on creation and destruction of modern myth, turns terrifying when a trio of young people come to realize the many evil urban legends surrounding New York State’s famed Buckout Road may, in fact be real.

Buckout Road is The Omen meets Urban Legend.


There is a small rural stretch of road that connects Westchester to White Plains New York called Buckout Road. It home to over a dozen terrifying urban legends and is considered, by some to be the most haunted road in America.

AARON POWELL (Evan Ross) is a smart, resilient and skeptical soldier in training from Navel Post-Graduate School who returns home after a two-year absence to the only family he’s ever really known; his emotionally distant, brilliant psychiatrist grandfather, DR. LAWERENCE POWELL (Danny Glover).

The two men have seemingly little in common and while Dr. Powell does have much love for his orphaned grandson he is preoccupied by the mysterious events that led to the recent suicide of one of his patients; a beloved college professor STEPHANIE HANCOCK (Mayko Nguyen).

After reviewing psychiatric session tapes at the police station with DETECTIVE ROY HARRIS (Henry Czerny), Dr. Powell is inclined to surmise that the cause of Stephanie’s nightmares, sleepwalking and eventual suicide was due to her suffering from an undiagnosed case of schizophrenia.

Just to be thorough, Dr. Powell requests to review both Stephanie’s case file and her taped sessions one last time. Detective Harris gives Powell the file and then asks a favor; to have a session with his distraught daughter, CLEO HARRIS (Dominique Provost-Chalkey) who is taking the death of her beloved humanities professor very hard.

Powell agrees to see Cleo at the house where the emotional chasm between he and Aaron continues to widen.

After his session with Cleo, Dr. Powell discovers haunting similarities shared by both Cleo and Stephanie. Both women suffered bouts of sleepwalking and both women had vivid nightmares involving the infamous urban legends of Buckout Road. But there was something else... Both women were being haunted by an evil presence.

Convinced there may be something supernatural going on, Dr. Powell decides to investigates Buckout Road; not as the pragmatic, psychiatrist he is now but as the man of faith he once was: PASTOR Lawrence Powell.

Sadly Pastor Powell ultimately meets his fate when a freak car accident claims his life leaving his grandson Aaron orphaned once again.

After the funeral service, Aaron catches Cleo with ERIK and DEREK GANZER (Kyle Mac and Jim Watson) breaking into his house, looking for something.

Cleo tells Aaron that they were doing a video assignment for their humanities class on the “Creation and Destruction of Modern Myth” and they chose to not only investigate but to DEBUNK the Buckout Road urban legends... and now feel they have been cursed and that they will end up killing themselves, just like Professor Hancock.

Aaron dismisses their fear as paranoia and kicks them out of his house.

And then... Aaron dreams. He has vivid, violent dreams of people committing suicide, the Buckout Road urban legends coming to life and terrifying warnings from his very dead grandfather.

Aaron, despite his own pragmatic skepticism, realizes that there really is something that haunts the famed Buckout Road and unless he, Cleo and the Ganzer Twins solve the mystery of how to stop the evil, it’s just a matter of time before Buckout Road claims all of their souls as well.

Buckout Road is a terrifying new supernatural horror film that harkens back to the high concept ‘midnight movie’ of the late 80’s. A fun & shocking thriller with a twist ending you will never see coming.


Aaron Powell
Dr. Lawrence Powell
Detective Harris
Reverend Mike


Director's Statement

Buckout Road is a culmination of everything I adored as a young lad, perusing the shelves of my local video store trying to find that GoreZone magazine approved, low budget/high concept horror film.

Gems like Renny Harlin’s Prison, Night Of The Demons, I, Madman and Anthony Hickox’s gory and hilariously twisted Waxwork were my VCR’s mainstay. While bigger movies like The Lost Boys, The Blob, Pumpkinhead and Child’s Play were flying the horror flag at the local the cinema, it were these VCR indies (and dozens more like them) that won my teenage heart.

These spine tinglers weren't afraid to be unique, bold and more than a little crazy... They were the new Midnight Movie and I consumed them all veraciously. It was in that spirit, I made Buckout Road.

Buckout Road is a supernatural thriller that tells the story of a group of college kids whose class project on ‘the creation and destruction of modern myth’, turns terrifying when they come to realize the many urban legends surrounding the infamous Buckout Road (aka The Most Haunted Road In America) may, in fact, be REAL.

What attracted me most to this project was the fact that there is an actual road in upstate New York that is the home of over fourteen urban legends. One or two sure, but fourteen? How can one small stretch of road be the birthplace to so many spooky stories? That question was the impetus for me to come up with the conceit that it is no coincidence. The Evil has always existed and it is The Road itself that is the portal.

I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural laying underneath the surface of our lives; shadow forces that are responsible for unexplained horrors, amassing strength on the perpetual fear those horrors instill. The theory that the only reason The Boogyman exists is because people are afraid him. It was with that in mind I gave The Evil its perfect antagonist: The Atheist.

If a person doesn't believe in anything, they cannot feed the fear and give the Boogyman his strength, right? Wrong. There’s a great saying: “Science doesn’t care what you believe.” Ironically at Buckout Road The Evil doesn’t care either. It will find you and when it does, you're done.

I’ve never cared much for the physical manifestation of evil on screen. Seeing the Devil is never as scary as just knowing he exists. It’s so much scarier just knowing that evil is all around us; replete with the ability to serpentine in and out of our lives as clandestinely as a thought, or a even better... a dream.

By having the characters first dream of the urban legends surrounding Buckout Road and then ultimately (and subconsciously) succumb to that evil, I was able give a physicality to their plight, something visceral, and without having to expose the mystery surrounding it. The dreams they have are strange mental movies that provide bizarre road maps to the truth... And that’s where the fun of the midnight movie comes in.

The characters take this Jungian treasure map and try and solve the mystery surrounding Buckout Road with it... but, of course, like all classic midnight movies, nothing is really what it seems and the closer they get to solving this mystery the further down the rabbit hole they fall.

Buckout Road is classic tale of good vs evil that I chose to tell bereft of any modern, biting cynicism, self awareness or mockery. It is a fun, often shocking, loving throwback to those high concept low budget midnight movies I adored as a teen.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

- Matthew Currie Holmes

Writer/Director, Buckout Road